AS / A-level AQA Sociology BRILLIANT Exam Notes: Education and Research Methods


AS / A-level AQA Sociology BRILLIANT Exam Notes: Education and Research Methods

The Complete Study and Revision Book

This book covers the following topics for the AQA AS and A-level sociology (Year 1): Education and Research Methods (including research methods in context). Each section contains all the information that you will need for the AQA sociology exam. At the end of each section, we provide a comprehensive list of exam questions. These eBooks have been written by examiners and experienced teachers using their expertise to help students achieve the best possible grade in their exam. These exam notes have been carefully written using student friendly language and a layout that students will find easy to understand. Each topic has been broken down into exam notes which are more concise than general sociology text books but more comprehensive than standard revision guides. This content in this book follows the latest AQA sociology specification.

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How to get an A*

DEAL EFFECTIVELY WITH THE EVALUATION PART OF THE EXAM: Contrary to popular belief, learning and memorising lots of facts and theories will not get you a grade A or B in your exam. To achieve the highest grades possible, the exam requires you to be able to ‘analyse’ and ‘evaluate’ sociological knowledge, this does not mean jotting down a few brief criticisms at the end of your essay. The analysis and evaluation that you make, needs to be expanded upon and explained in an effective manner. With this in mind, we have written a lot of the evaluation points using the three-step-rule: identify, expand and conclude. We have done this for you in this book to demonstrate what a ‘developed’ evaluation point looks like. Please try and remember this technique and demonstrate it in your exam to achieve the highest grade possible.

LOTS OF EXAM QUESTIONS: We have given you lots of exam questions at the end of each exam note to practise. We have covered most of the different types of questions you may be asked for each topic both at AS and at A Level. If you are taking the A level course, it is a good way of testing and practising both your knowledge and examination skills. You may realise some of the questions require the same answers, but are worded differently, this was deliberate, just so you are familiar with the different way the questions could be worded.

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